Tuesday, December 14, 2004

it's 4 in the morning...

... and i'm at work.

Nope, it's not an OT. I'm actually kinda buzzed, and just came from our company xmas party.

Why, would you ask, would i go straight to work after a party? The answer is pretty much a combination of factors: One, i had to take a cab with a couple of people who were on their way here; two, i think i am a little too driunk to go anywhere else (i am actually typing this a little too fast).

Hmmm. I am planning to stay here until 8am where i will then go to the store outlet in Cubao for breakfast,a nd head off home to sleep off this friggin' buzz (hoipefully by that time i will be restful and sleepy).

The party was ok. As usual, we started off at 12mn, and yes, there was a LOT of drinking. ALmost joined one of the drinking games, but now thati think about it, i am glad i didn't other wise i don't think i will be able to stand myself in the morning. I am buzzed, as i said earlier, just really buzzed. We came there pretty much for dancing, and i ended up getting tipsy and slightly groped by one of our co-workers. Understandably he was drunk, but hell, his grip on my arm was so damn tight it was taking everything in me not to sock him. He also made me drink a lot of vodka (yikes!) but good thing i was able to avert it by slipping the alcohol into his coke. Hahaha.

Argh. I want to sleep now.

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